LensAlert Contact Lens Cases - 3 Pack Cases

LensAlert Contact Lens Cases - 3 Pack

The LensAlert 3 Pack of Contact Lens Cases makes it easy and affordable to follow eye care professional's orders of monthly case replacement. This great value includes 3 fun colored cases along with healthy lens care tips to keep your eyes healthy.

  • Easy to replace your case monthly
  • Great for households with more than one contact lens wearer
  • Includes healthy lens care tips on the inside of the pack

Lens cases are hotbeds for bacteria and fungi which are bad for the health of your eyes. Even if you properly follow cleaning and rinsing instructions, nasty bacteria will still find a way to grow. One of your best lines of defense is to replace your case monthly.

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  • Brand: LensAlert

LensAlert Contact Lens Cases - 3 Pack

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